What we do

Our Mission

To provide Honduran children with a modern STEM education and 21st-century skills. To achieve this, we carry out Playgrounds (after school, weekend or vacations programs) in core STEM subjects and also in Robotics, Electronics, and Coding.

Our Method

Whenever possible, we employ MIT’s Creative Learning approach. Creative Learning stems from a kindergarten-style approach to learning: an iterative process of imagining, creating, playing, sharing, and reflecting. It is radically different from the traditional broadcasting system that views children as empty boxes to be filled with information. This learning approach is well suited to the needs of the 21st century, where success and satisfaction do not depend on how much we know, but in our ability to think and act creatively.

The four P’s of Creative Learning


When children work on projects, they learn new skills and ideas in a meaningful and motivating context.


When children work on things that they care about, they are willing to work longer and harder, and persist in the face of difficulties.


Creative learning is a social activity, with people sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and building on one another’s work.


When children are playful, they are constantly experimenting, trying new things, taking risks, testing the boundaries – and learning in the process.

Get Involved!

We are always looking for responsible and enthusiastic new members that can contribute to our mission.